How Do You Become a Parking Lot Sweeper?


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Become a professional parking lot sweeper by giving good service to clients, establishing good relationships with said clients and advertising for additional clients for your sweeping business. To make it official, apply for a business license for your sweeping business at your local courthouse, and inform the IRS regarding your business and changed tax status as an employer.

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Many parking lot sweepers own special trucks, also called sweepers, equipped with brushes and other tools to thoroughly clean the parking lot; however, as of October 2015, these are very expensive. One option is to apply for financing to acquire parking lot sweeping equipment as well as adequately market your new business to guarantee exposure and hopefully lead to jobs. If financing is not an option and you cannot afford a sweeper when just starting out, use a portable sweeper that connects to the back of a pick-up truck in the meantime.

Providing good, reliable service and establishing a base with your customers are two of the most important steps towards becoming a professional parking lot sweeper. Not only does this ensure a continued working relationship with your current clients, but it increases the possibility of positive word of mouth spreading about your business and hopefully bringing in new customers.

After applying for a business license for your sweeping business at your local courthouse, pay the license fee, register your business name with the city and become established as an employer with the IRS by requesting an employee tax identification number.

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