How Do You Become a Nursery Nurse?


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Being a nursery nurse involves dealing with young children. It requires a person who loves interacting with children and who has the passion of caring for children. To gain enough experience, you need to work under the supervision of an experienced teacher. However, further training is necessary if you want to be a successful professional.

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  1. Assess your interests and passion for children

    Before enrolling in any college for training as a nursery nurse, assess your interests and passion for children. Some essential skills and qualities that you must possess are patience, enthusiasm, kindness and general enjoyment in being around children. Additionally, you should be willing to be part of a hardworking team, have a good imagination and have strong communication skills.

  2. Obtain on-the-job training

    Begin by serving as a nursery assistant under the supervision of an experienced nursery nurse. It helps you gain practical experience necessary to start off your career. On-the-job training can be either voluntary or paid. Initial practice and experience before going for training help you evaluate your decision to be a nursery nurse.

  3. Go for training and development

    You need training to become a nursery nurse. The training can be either full-time or part-time. Different states have different qualifications to be met by prospective applicants. Therefore, you should check with each college for particular qualifications. The training equips nurses with sufficient knowledge on how to support children's early education and development, safeguard and promote safety and health of the children, and prepare young children for school.

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