How Do You Become a Nurse in Georgia?

How Do You Become a Nurse in Georgia?

There are three steps involved in becoming a nurse in the state of Georgia, which include taking prerequisites, training and certification as a registered nurse. For those who are aspiring to become an advanced practice nurse, most states require a master's degree in nursing in a field of specialty, states Lending Tree Education.

The following are the basic steps to becoming a registered nurse in Georgia, as stated on the Nursing School Resource website.

  1. Complete prerequisite courses
  2. Complete prerequisite undergraduate courses for either a 2-year associate degree in nursing or a 4-year bachelor of science degree in nursing. These prerequisite undergraduate courses will involve 3 to 6 months of study on basic sciences, such as biology, chemistry and math, as well as other courses including English and psychology.

  3. Enter a Georgia nursing education program
  4. While the type of training may vary by degree, the first year of training will concentrate on basic patient care and nursing practice skills. The following year will involve training in nurse management, research and theory. Those who are enrolled in a 4-year BSN will have the chance to study nursing specialty areas, including community health, radiology, advanced theory and management skills.

  5. Pass the NCLEX
  6. Take and pass the National Council Licensure Examination, which is a nationally standardized exam for the licensing of nurses.