How Do You Become a Nurse Esthetician?

How Do You Become a Nurse Esthetician?

To become a nurse esthetician, assess your interpersonal skills, obtain a degree in nursing, get licensed in the state where you wish to practice, and work in a related position for several years. The ability to pay for education is needed, and a computer with an Internet connection is helpful. Estimated time for completion is approximately four to six years.

  1. Assess your personality

    Nurses typically have good people skills and are empathetic toward others. They usually display good judgment. Before embarking on the career path of nurse esthetician, evaluate your way of dealing with people and your level of commitment to completing the needed education and work experience to enter the field.

  2. Earn a nursing certificate or degree

    Nurse estheticians are licensed nurses. It is necessary to obtain either a nursing certificate qualifying you as a licensed practical nurse or a degree that qualifies you as a registered nurse.

  3. Become licensed in a state

    Licensing requirements vary by state. Plan to become licensed in the state in which you intend to work. Some states require certification in lifesaving, along with certification for particular esthetician procedures.

  4. Work in a related position

    Securing a position as a nurse esthetician often requires working in a related position for at least three years.