How Do You Become a Notary Public?

How Do You Become a Notary Public?

To become a notary public, purchase the seal, supplies and bond that your state requires, and send in the application specific to your state. Have another notary witness your commission certificate and administer the oath of office before he notarizes your certificate.

  1. Acquire the required supplies, seal and bond

    Order a notary seal and other necessary items, such as a law primer and your journal for recording the documents you notarize, and pay the bond that your state requires. Make sure that you follow the directions that are specific to your state for posting the bond.

  2. Apply to the state commissioning board for your certificate

    Fill out the notary application for your state, and submit it online or through the mail, depending on the requirements of your state. Include the application fee with your application, making sure to use forms of payment that your state accepts.

  3. Take your oath of office

    Wait between two weeks and 30 days for your commission certificate, depending on your state, as some send out certificates via email and others send them through postal mail. Take your certificate to an existing notary in your state, and sign it in his presence, allowing him to notarize it for you.