How Do You Become a Notary in Ohio?


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The Cuyahoga County Notary Public Office states that a person must obtain the state-required seal and fill out an application with the Office of the Notary Public Commission to become a notary. All applicants are required to pay a fee at the time of application. Applicants must be 18 years old, a registered voter or registered alien to be eligible to apply. Applications are accepted year-round.

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Moreover, Ohio notaries must be state residents of good moral character or a practicing attorney with a license from the State of Ohio. Notary applicants are provided a notary manual and given an examination date. A written and oral examination must be passed in order to be considered eligible as a notary. Upon completion of the examinations, the applicant's name is forwarded to the Secretary of State of Ohio to be issued a commission.

To begin working as a notary, the commission certificate must be recorded with the County Clerk of the Court's Office. The Notary Public is licensed to notarize documents for five years. Every five years, the notary must renew the license by submitting a renewal application and fee with the Office of the Notary Public Commission.

Each county may have slight differences in the application requirements.

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