How Do You Become an Norwex Independent Consultant?

How Do You Become an Norwex Independent Consultant?

Become a Norwex independent consultant by signing up on Norwex's website. New consultants receive a starter kit, which is complimentary for consultants who reach $2,000 in sales in the first 90 days. New consultants who do not meet this quota are billed for the starter kit.

Independent Norwex consultants receive a 35 percent commission on sales. They also receive guest

rewards to provide repeat customers at Norwex parties and are eligible for sales and recruitment incentives. Joining Norwex also allows consultants to develop a sales team and receive team sales commissions. These commissions vary by team.

There is no fee for being a Norwex independent consultant, but all consultants must place at least $250 in sales per three-month period. Consultants who do not meet this minimum lose active consultant status. Consultants can sell Norwex products at parties, one-on-one sales and trade shows, but Norwex prohibits the sale of its products on eBay or other auction sites.

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