How Do You Become a Night Auditor?


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Night auditors are usually trained on the job at hotels and resorts. Formal education in accounting and hospitality can help with obtaining a job, but are not required.

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Night auditors are expected to handle the accounting duties of the day's business while also remaining available to provide front desk services to guests overnight, so experience in both areas is necessary. Night auditors usually get this experience by starting out in an entry-level position working the front desk during the day. They then learn the particular computer accounting systems used by the hotel or resort as they go.

A two-year degree in accounting or bookkeeping, or equivalent job experience, might enable an applicant to skip directly to a night auditor position without having to first work the front desk, but relevant skills for serving hotel customers are also expected, most notably friendliness and critical thinking. Typical duties expected of a night auditor are greeting guests, resolving their complaints, handling check-ins and check-outs, handling calls for reservations by phone, and responding to medical and security emergencies. Front desk duties may be de-emphasized in resort properties and larger hotels that field a bigger staff of customer service specialists and that customarily operate around the clock.

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