How Do You Become an NFL Cheerleader?

To become an NFL cheerleader, register for cheerleading and dance workshops. Attend the audition clinics, and then give it your all during the auditions held in the early spring of each year.

  1. Attend optional workshops

    Teams hold workshops and clinics for cheerleading and dance on various dates in February and March. For example, the Kansas City Chiefs offer individual cheerleader workshops for $25 per session and dance classes for $20 each, or you can attend for all seven available sessions for $125. Anyone can attend these workshops. Dress comfortably, but do not wear jeans.

  2. Go to an audition clinic

    You must attend an audition clinic held a few weeks before actual tryouts. These also include a small fee that goes toward items such as professional headshots, paperwork and DVD distribution. All of the information you need for auditions is disseminated at this event.

  3. Show your positive energy

    On audition day, wear a simple outfit, smile and be positive. Your personality, not your clothes, is the key asset that helps you stand out from the crowd.

  4. Audition for the squad

    Tryouts are held over a three-day period in March. You must be 18 by the first day of auditions to qualify. Usually, more than 1,000 prospective cheerleaders ladies try out to fill each squad, while only a few dozen make it.