How Do You Become a Network Administrator?

How Do You Become a Network Administrator?

For some employers, becoming a network administrator requires a post-secondary certificate. There are several certifications for individuals pursuing a career in network administration that include Network Plus and MCSE. However, most employers require a bachelor's degree in information science, computer science or a computer-related field.

Earning a certification has become an ideal way to display an acceptable level of competence. Certifications can offer a competitive advantage and most certifications are provided by specific software firms or product vendors. Organizations may require network administrators to have or to earn a certification in any product the organization uses. For example, Cisco and Microsoft provide two of the most common certifications.

Network administrators work closely with computer equipment, hardware or software and a bachelor's degree displays comprehension of computer engineering, computer programming, system design or electrical engineering.

In some cases, the path to becoming a network administrator consists of an internship. While still enrolled in school, potential network administrators pursue an internship to gain practical experience and acquire skills specific to the field of network administration.

Network technology changes continually and administrators must remain current with the latest technological developments. For that reason, many administrators continue taking courses while employed as a network administrator. Some organizations may require administrators to earn a master’s degree.