How Do You Become a Nerium Brand Partner?


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Join Nerium as an "independent brand partner" through an individual who has already become a brand partner, or by enrolling through that person's Nerium website. Click on Enroll Now or Join Now at the bottom of the brand partner's opportunity page of the website to join the multi-level marketing beauty products company.

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  1. Find an independent brand partner

    Locate an independent brand partner. Attend a local sales event hosted by a Nerium sales representative. Search Nerium's website or the brand's Facebook page to locate a sales representative.

  2. Enroll or join

    At the bottom of the sales representative's opportunity website, click the Enroll or Join button. By enrolling, you receive a launch kit which includes personalized websites, training materials, marketing items, success planners, a party toolkit and the compensation plan.

  3. Choose a kit

    As of September 2014, choose one of two success packs. The premier success pack contains 20 bottles of products for $999.95. The regular success pack contains eight bottles for $499.95. The 20-bottle kit is worth $1,650 in sales value, and the smaller kit is worth $660 in sales value. The basic launch kit contains all of the marketing materials for $99.95. Success packs come with fast-start qualified and differential bonuses. Success packs also include a free 30-day trial of Nerium Edge.

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