How Do You Become a Music Producer?


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Becoming a producer requires a variety of skills, including musical knowledge and talent, industry experience and often some type of music education, suggests How Stuff Works. Producers are also typically proficient musicians, but they also need knowledge in many other areas, including songwriting, recording and engineering, audio equipment, project management and more.

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Education in music is often a start for producers. Studying music history or theory, composition, songwriting or audio production are all routes that can lead to a career as a producer. Many producers often start out as musicians themselves. Others begin as sound engineers.

Working as a sound engineer doesn't always require a degree, but knowledge of recording and production techniques is a necessity. Moving up to the role of producer requires industry experience. Aspiring producers often work their way up, starting in low-level positions at recording studios.

Modern technology also allows producers to gain experience outside of the studio; noted producer Kerry "Krucial" Brothers began his career as a rapper who then bought a beat machine and began making his own tracks. Eventually Brothers' began producing for other artists, including Grammy winners like Alicia Keys.

It's vital for aspiring producers to network as much as possible, making connections with other producers and musicians. Being available for a wide variety of projects can help younger producers gain experience and move up in the industry.

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