How Do You Become a Motivational Speaker?


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There are no special requirements to become a motivational speaker, although some may have vocational licenses, college degrees or other certifications. Steps to become a motivational speaker include becoming an expert, developing public speaking skills, building experience and then working professionally in the field.

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The first step to becoming a motivational speaker is to become an expert in something through academic training, work experience or life experience. Strong public speaking skills are a must for any motivational speaker. To develop these skills, consider joining an organization such as Toastmasters where skills can be practiced.

In order to develop a unique style and presentation, a motivational speaker initially needs to build experience, often for free. Consider volunteering to speak at business meetings, local events, schools, community centers or charitable organizations. Once enough experience has been built up, individuals can start charging for speaking at events. This can be done by organizing your own seminars, including managing advertising, renting a location and collecting fees or by speaking at events organized by event coordinators. Consider joining an agency that specializes in connecting conference organizers with motivational speakers. Try to publish speeches, e-books or blogs before even becoming a motivational speaker, as this can help build up a fan following and result in being asked to speak at events.

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