How Do You Become a Missionary?

How Do You Become a Missionary?

Become a missionary by staying out of debt and traveling overseas for an exposure visit. Next, seek training as a missionary, and learn as much as you can about your focus country.

  1. Pray on it

    Pray about your intentions to become a missionary. Missions are difficult and filled with opportunities to question your decision. Be sure that you are making the correct choice and are willing to see it through.

  2. Get out of debt

    Get out and stay out of debt. It is difficult to work overseas when repaying credit cards, a mortgage or a student loan. You also have peace of mind without worrying about financial burdens back home.

  3. Travel overseas

    Take an exposure tour overseas to get an idea of what ministering away from home entails. Visit other missionaries in your host country, and learn as much as you can about their ministry.

  4. Seek out missionary training

    Receive training from a seminary, Bible school or YWAM program. Select a program based on the type of work you want to do.

  5. Seek support

    Get support from family, friends and your church. Find a mentor, and listen to what they have to say.

  6. Research your focus country

    Learn as much as possible about your focus country. Find out about the language, culture, currency, government and other vital information. Interact with people living in your home country who are from your focus country.

  7. Improve your health

    Work on your physical, emotional and spiritual health so that they don’t become a burden in the field. Work out, and deal with past struggles and hurts. Spend time talking to God.