How Do I Become a Midwife Assistant?

become-midwife-assistant Credit: Hans Neleman/Stone/Getty Images

To become a midwife assistant, you must meet the requirements set by the midwife council in your state and undergo formal training. You are expected to choose a midwife training program that fits your schedule and the level of expertise you expect to achieve.

  1. Understand the requirements for becoming a midwife assistant

    Different places have different requirements that must be met by prospective midwife assistants. While there are areas that allow midwife assistants to gain knowledge and experience on-the-job, other places require you to have formal training. Inquire from your local midwifery body to learn the requirements for being a midwife assistant.

  2. Obtain a formal training

    You need to be trained to become a midwife assistant. Midwifery trainings differ in length and content. Although the duration for midwifery training is long, there are training programs that can be completed in a couple of days. Undergoing training equips you with sufficient knowledge on performing vaginal exams, vital birth signs, handling birth emergencies, drawing blood, suturing wounds and administering injections.

  3. Learn about the birthing process

    While training to become a midwife assistant, you gain detailed information on the birthing process and the female reproductive organ. You also learn procedures for providing postpartum care and how to help mothers who are breastfeeding. In some cases, midwives can provide on-the-job midwife training. Experienced midwives and their assistants offer useful training to prospective assistants.