How Do You Become a Methodist Pastor?


To become a Methodist pastor, you must first meet with your superintendent, qualify for candidacy, and be approved by the Board of Ordained Ministry. If you are in good health and approved by the clergy, you may then receive a license and a meeting with the Bishop.

Before you try to become a pastor, the Ministry advises that you pray to God about whether or not it is His path for you. They require you to also speak with your pastor and to read "The Christian as Minister." If after that you still believe it is your calling to become a pastor, you must fill out a form for candidacy and write a letter of intent to your District Superintendent. The Ministry runs a background check on you, and if they approve of you so far, you then have an Introductory Interview and are assigned a mentor to help you through the rest of the candidacy process. You then meet with the District Committee on Ordained Ministry who can make you a Certified Candidate.

Once you are a Certified Candidate, you must complete the Course of Study seminars before you can meet with the Annual Conference. If the Board of Ordained Ministry and the clergy approve of you, they give you a license, and then you are finally a local pastor.