How Do You Become a Member of the Lions Club?

As of November 2015, to become a member of the Lions Club, find a club near you using an online directory and contact them directly, fill out a prospective member form online, or contact the Lions Club's New Members Department via email for more information about local volunteer opportunities. The Lions Club offers regular, student and family memberships.

On the homepage, click the Be a Lion link, and then scroll down and click the Find a Club Near You link. Use the search box to find the Lions Club closest to you, contact them with the information provided, and ask for an invitation to an upcoming meeting.

Also on the Be a Lion page, you can click the Fill out a Prospective Member Form link to submit an online application form, which the Lions Club then forwards to a leader in your area for membership consideration. Alternatively, click Contact Our New Member Department on the same page to send a membership inquiry by email.

Once accepted, members must meet membership requirements, such as dues set by the local club and the Lions Club International. Family memberships are available, but children cannot become members. College students are eligible for student memberships with reduced dues.