How Do You Become a Member of CRC Health Group?

How Do You Become a Member of CRC Health Group?

Joining the CRC Health Group is a matter of engaging in a self-assessment process, learning about the treatment centers and options available, and then selecting a plan and center and paying for it. This process helps those seeking treatment for addictions, compulsive disorders and behavioral problems to learn about themselves and access help.

Joining the CRC Health Group can occur personally or through guardian prerogative. Parents and guardians can find resources to help their loved ones access care and therapy.

  1. Assess the need for treatment
  2. The first step for potential patients is to assess their own need for treatment. The site offers several self-assessment utilities to aid people in determining whether their problems have come to a point where professional intervention is needed.

  3. Peruse treatment options
  4. The next step is to examine the various options for treatment. This includes the sites at which treatment can occur and the plans that those courses of treatment will pursue. These courses of treatment range from the gentle to the intense depending on need.

  5. Pay for treatment
  6. ]The final step is to work out a payment plan. The site provides various resources for helping patients cope with paperwork and figure out their insurance plans. This includes determining what a given plan will or will not cover.