How Do You Become the Member of a Club?


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The most basic requirement for most clubs is that prospective members share a common interest or hobby with the existing members. Many clubs also require a fee, be it a one-time initiation fee, monthly fee, yearly fee or some combination thereof. Many other clubs require some sort of task or ritual be completed before joining.

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How Do You Become the Member of a Club?
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Payment is the most common requirement for joining and retaining membership in a club. All types of clubs require a fee, such as the modern health club or social clubs such as the Soho House. There is usually a large one-time registration or initiation fee, as well as recurring smaller payments for as long as the membership continues.

In addition to fees, some clubs have additional requirements; for example, in the case of Soho House, all potential members must possess a certain level of creativity. Gender is also a very common prerequisite for membership in clubs, such as fraternities and sororities on American college campuses.

Rituals and tasks are also very common in club initiation, though these rituals are usually kept secret. Such rituals are common in fraternities and sororities, though only the worst examples such as hazing are made public due to the involvement of law enforcement.

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