How Do You Become a Medical Courier?


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To become a medical courier, you must be a high school graduate and have a valid driver’s license as the job requires a large amount of travel. Medical courier and OSHA training are also required, but training is provided by the employer after hire and is free to employees.

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If you meet the requirements, then it's time to start applying for medical courier jobs. Job listings can be found online and in the paper, or by calling local medical centers to check for openings. Once you have been hired as a medical courier, both occupational and OSHA training are required and done during work hours. Employees also must be properly vaccinated and have been given a copy of an exposure control plan.

You can also start your own medical courier business. After crafting a business plan and establishing the name and type of corporation you wish to open, you need to decide what type of medical equipment or specimens you wish to transfer. The vehicles that will be transferring the equipment or specimens then need to be purchased, and must be inspected to meet local and state medical transport requirements. It is also necessary to purchase insurance that covers your company as well as any employees or drivers you may hire.

After the business and vehicles are insured, it is time to gain customers. Speak with local clinics, blood banks and any other prospective clients to get the name of the business out and build your reputation.

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