How Do You Become a Medical Assistant Instructor?

Become a medical assistant instructor by obtaining your medical assistance certification and working in the field to obtain practical experience, then locating instructor positions through job hunting sites, such as, or Each listing includes any additional requirements, such as a college degree or training in education and instruction.

The first step to obtaining a job as a medical assistant instructor is to take the appropriate courses at a junior college, trade school or university. Each state maintains its own education requirements for the occupation that serve as the prerequisite for taking the medical assistant certification exam. The American Association of Medical Assistants oversees the premiere certification in the field, which includes passing other certification exams proving proficiency in procedures such as CPR.

After obtaining your medical assistant certification, you need to work for some period of time, usually at least a few years, to sharpening your skills and gain real world experience with the practice. As you work in the industry, locate medical assistant instructor positions to find out the other qualifications for the role. Some employers only require a minimum amount of work experience. Others may ask instructors to receive teaching credentials for the state that can include additional education and degrees or only require you to pass an exam.