How Do You Become a Mediator?


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Becoming a mediator involves acquiring the necessary education, undergoing training in mediation practices, and getting certified or licensed as a mediator, according to Study.com. Possessing essential skills needed to practice as a mediator is also crucial. The skills include good listening, decision making and critical thinking.

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The minimum educational level needed to become a mediator is a bachelor's degree in the relevant fields, such as law, conflict resolution and public policy, states Study.com. The degree program covers courses such as psychology, negotiation strategies and interpersonal communication; however, a bachelor's degree may not be enough to obtain employment in some states and organizations. To enhance employment chances, it is best to obtain a master's degree or a law degree, as some states and organizations may only employ mediators who hold advanced degrees.

Training helps an individual acquire skills such as research techniques, negotiation skills and communication skills, and experience needed to practice as a mediator, notes Study.com. Some ways to acquire the training are to join state-sponsored programs, commercial mediation centers and mediation associations. One way to get experience is to complete a postgraduate certificate program in mediation, which involves working as an intern.

Choosing between getting certified as a mediator and getting licensed as a mediator depends on the location or organization in which a mediator intends to work, says Study.com. An individual may have to possess experience in mediation practices and complete mediation training program to become licensed or certified.

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