How Do You Become a Marketing Manager?


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To become a marketing manager, a person must typically earn a bachelor's degree in marketing or a related field and gain professional experience. During the course of entry-level marketing work, it is important to demonstrate leadership and decision-making skills along with technical marketing abilities.

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  1. Get a marketing degree

    A bachelor's degree in marketing includes a mix of general education course, business courses and marketing-specific courses. Business law, economics, finance, computer science and math are normally combined with marketing, advertising and related classes.

  2. Complete an internship during school

    To expedite the career progression toward a marketing manager job, it is helpful to complete an internship during school. An internship is a hands-on work experience normally completed during the junior or senior year. Working a corporate marketing department or marketing agency provides hands-on experience, skill development and possibly a job offer upon graduation.

  3. Gain an entry-level marketing position

    A marketing manager is normally promoted from a role within a marketing department or agency. Professional experience as a marketing specialist applies, along with work in an advertising department, sales, public relations or buying role. Analytical skills, creativity, decision-making abilities, communication skills, organizational skills and interpersonal communication skills are important qualities to develop during the entry-level phase to progress in the field.

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