How Do You Become a Manager?

How Do You Become a Manager?

To become a manager, acquire managerial skills, become more productive at work, earn a master's degree, and seek other opportunities for advancement if necessary. A formal education is not required, but having a degree increases your chance of becoming a manager.

  1. Enhance your skills

    Learn such skills as organizing, planning and creativity. Study leadership qualities, and learn how to make quick decisions. Learn how to communicate well in written and oral forms.

  2. Become proactive

    Learn as much as you can about your current position, and perform to the best of your ability. Use your creativity to come up with new ideas that enhance company performance. Demonstrate an ability to solve problems effectively, and volunteer to do unpopular tasks. Help out other coworkers where necessary. Let your manager know about your desire to advance within the company. Participate in training or mentor programs to stand out.

  3. Obtain a degree

    Choose an area of speciality in the business field that interests you. Earn a bachelor's degree, and earn a master's degree in business administration to get ahead.

  4. Seek a job

    Find another line of work if your current job does not allow you to advance. Use search engines, company websites and trade journals to find work. Conduct research on the company before applying.