How Do You Become a Makeup Artist in a Funeral Home?

The most common way to become a funeral home makeup artist is by attending a mortuary science program and getting experience in a funeral home. Mortuary science programs typically include one to two years of study depending on the laws of the state of where you plan to practice.

  1. Visit the licensing board in your state

    The right to practice as a funeral make up artist is determined by the state in which you plan on practicing. Some states only require a cosmetology degree, and others may require mortuary licensing. Contact the state licensing board before deciding which program best fits your needs.

  2. Attend school

    As of 2014, there are more than 1,800 schools in the United States that offer instruction to be a funeral home make up artist. A job as a funeral home makeup artist usually falls under the broad spectrum of hair dressing or cosmetology. There are schools that offer four year programs, but most typically require students to complete two years of attendance with passing grades in order to qualify to graduate.

  3. Get experience in a funeral home

    In addition to receiving your degree in either mortuary or cosmetology, depending on your states licensing requirements, you have to have training in a funeral home because the makeup that is used is specifically made for mortuary use.