How Do You Become a Magician?


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Aspiring magicians should develop a repertoire of tricks, organize the tricks into a routine, and then perform their routine. Above all else, becoming a magician requires dedication and frequent practice.

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Before performing, a magician must develop a collection of tricks that can be executed flawlessly. A magic trick consists of both a method, which is how the trick is actually performed, and an effect, which is how the trick appears to the audience. While the majority of training for magicians involves perfecting their methods, mastering presentation is also important. A large part of presentation involves developing patter, commentary spoken during a trick to keep the audience interested.

After honing a set of tricks, magicians must organize them into a routine that can be performed in front of others. A magician needs to be able to transition smoothly between different tricks, and the routine should be organized so that it catches and holds the audience’s attention. Successful magicians often make use of a central theme or a running gag to tie a routine together.

Once a routine has been perfected, magicians can bring their act to the public. Novice magicians may need to start small, performing street magic or magic for children, before moving on to clubs and larger venues.

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