How Do You Become a Locksmith?

How Do You Become a Locksmith?

To become a locksmith, develop your social skills, learn the skills of the trade, gain experience working and pass a certification background check and exam. This can take as long as four years, depending on your desired position.

  1. Work on social skills

    To work as a locksmith, it's important to be trustworthy, friendly and personable. Building relationships is an important aspect of the job.

  2. Learn the trade

    To learn to be a locksmith, you can go to a community college, vocational school or a state locksmith association. Another option is to take on an apprenticeship with a professional locksmith. The duration of the training depends on the skill requirements for the job you're seeking.

  3. Gain experience in the field

    In some states, you need to work for a licensed locksmith company for at least one full year before you can obtain your own license. Having a license allows you to work independently, or you can start your own business.

  4. Get certified

    Check with your state locksmith association to see how to become certified. Usually you need to pass a background check and an exam. Although certification isn't always legally required to work, being a certified locksmith adds credibility, making it easier to find work with better pay.