How Do You Become a Live-in Property Caretaker?

There are no specific educational or work experience qualifications for becoming a live-in caretaker. However, it is essential to have credible and supportive references. The primary attributes owners look for in a caretaker are trustworthiness and the ability to follow directions.

Because many owners value dependability in a caretaker above all else, in many cases a criminal record or bad credit history may severely hurt an applicant's chances of landing a live-in caretaker job. It is essential for an applicant to have references that can provide concrete examples of how he or she can be relied upon in an emergency and without supervision.

A potential caretaker should look for house-sitting ads, ask friends and family members for recommendations and referrals, and advertise his or her services through fliers and other visible means. After the caretaker gains experience with smaller level jobs, he or she may begin to receive opportunities from more prominent clients. For high-level caretaking jobs, the ability to live on a property rent-free may be one of the main perks of the job and may replace a full salary. Additionally, there are caretaking websites and newsletters that allow individuals to place ads to seek employment. One prominent example is