How Do You Become Listed in the Florida Blue Provider Directory?


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To be in the provider directory for Florida Blue, doctors or medical practices must register with Florida Blue to become providers, after which the provider directory lists their information, according to the Florida Blue website. The Availity Web Portal is the access point for providers to register and manage all transactions with Florida Blue. Registration is free but requires a federal tax ID and other basic information about the practice.

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The benefits of becoming a provider for Florida Blue and having a listing in the provider directory are the directory allows current patients to be aware they can remain with your practice when signing up to Florida Blue, and future patients can use it to choose you as their new provider. Additionally, doctors who are part of the Florida Blue network have access to a variety of online administrative tools, such as the ability to submit and process claims, obtain authorization, make referrals and more, explains the Florida Blue website.

The system also provides access to patient information, such as eligibility status and health care claim information from other providers during the prior two years, notes the Florida Blue website. After entering the patient's member ID, the patient's information automatically populates into the system. Financial management tools are available in real time to check a patient's co-pay or deductible status, complete credit and debit transactions or other payment processing tasks, and receive claim payment through electronic funds transfer.

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