How Do You Become a Life Coach?

How Do You Become a Life Coach?

To become a life coach, enroll in a life-coaching course from a school that's accredited by the International Coaching Federation. This federation is the governing body for all legitimate life coaching schools. Additionally, you are expected to attend all classes and pass the courses offered in order to attain proper credentialing.

  1. Determine your learning preference

    Decide whether you want to attend a life-coaching course online or in person.

  2. Choose the type of program you want

    Decide what level of education you want when you choose your school. Some programs offer up to 100 hours of classroom studies and training, and others offer more than 300 class hours. Once your decision is made, enroll in the school and take part in the studies.

  3. Obtain your license if one is required

    Call your state's business licensing governing body to determine whether or not licensing is needed. If you need a business licence to work as a life coach and receive payment, fill out the proper paperwork and pay the licensing fees.

  4. Market yourself as a life coach

    Obtain your first customers by marketing and branding yourself as a trained life coach. Call professionals on the phone, attend networking events, offer free services to your family members in exchange for advertising, and participate in online communities geared toward life coaching. Additionally, advertise your services in local newspapers and online forums.