How Do You Become a Licensed Scooter or Motorcycle Dealer?

How Do You Become a Licensed Scooter or Motorcycle Dealer?

Most states issue vehicle dealer licenses via the secretary of state or the state's department of motor vehicles. Obtaining a license requires submitting the appropriate application. However, the application is but one item on a checklist of prerequisites that differ slightly from state to state.

Motorcycle and scooter dealer license applications for Indiana are available online at, under Secretary of State, SOS Home, Auto Dealers Services Division, Applications and Dealers. Some of the items that you must submit before or with your application include a complete background check, registered retail merchant certificate, insurance information, photographs of the business and a certificate of incorporation.

To obtain a motorcycle or scooter dealer license in Oregon, fill out and submit a standard or special three-year Oregon application packet along with signatures of all the entailed corporate partners, owners and general managers. A Surety Bond and an insurance certification are other prerequisites in the state of Oregon.

You must supply the business name and a location that must be approved by city or county zoning in advance. Oregon requires all prospective licensed motorcycle and scooter dealers to attend eight hours of dealer education. The Oregon department of motor vehicles even publishes an online list of state-approved dealer education providers.

In many states you can download the applications online or pick up hard copies at a local department of motor vehicles branch. You are likely to discover that you do not require a dealer license at all. For example, in Indiana a motorcycle and scooter license is only necessary if you maintain and sell and inventory of more than 12 vehicles per year.