How Do You Become Licensed As a Science Teacher?


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To become a licensed science teacher, complete a bachelor's degree program in a science-related discipline and complete a teacher certification program to gain a teaching license. As education systems differ between states, some states may have other qualifications.

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How Do You Become Licensed As a Science Teacher?
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All states require teachers to complete a bachelor's degree before seeking a job as a teacher. In many cases, they do not have to have a degree in education. Instead, they can enroll in a teacher certification program after completing their degrees.

Most states require high school teachers to have a degree in a science-related discipline such as biology, chemistry or physics. After completing a science degree program, they can take a teacher certification course to gain a teaching license. Some universities offer programs that combine science degrees with teacher certification courses, which is convenient for students who already know they want to teach science.

Many states allow teachers to teach science in younger grades without a degree in science. In these cases, students can pursue a degree in education with a focus on science education.

People who want to teach science at the university level must complete a PhD program in a science-related discipline. Some states allow graduates holding a master's degree to teach 2-year college programs; however, some states and individual colleges may require a PhD.

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