How Do You Become a Licensed Notary?

How Do You Become a Licensed Notary?

Some states require that you take an education course on notary practices to become licensed. Others require that you pass a notary test. The State Governor, the Secretary of State or the Lieutenant Governor typically have the authority to commission licensed notaries.

Look at your state's licensed notary website or contact your state's notary public administrator to learn your state's specific education requirements.

The states that require you to take a test to become a licensed notary are District of Colombia, Hawaii, Connecticut, Mane, Louisiana, New York, Nebraska and Utah, as of 2015.

To be licensed, you must take both a notary education course and a test if you live in Oregon, Colorado, North Carolina or California.

A circuit judge or county clerk's office may have to start the application process in some states. Most states require you to obtain a bond to become a licensed notary, so that a client is financially reimbursed if he or she suffers a loss from improper notarization.

There are fees involved in becoming a licensed notary. The authority who appoints you charges a processing fee for the application and for printing the certificate of notary commission. The fee varies among different commissioning jurisdictions.