How Do You Become a Licensed Dog Walker?


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Though most states do not feature specific licences for dog walking businesses, they do require any official company or business entity to register with the franchise tax board of the state in which it plans to operate. This process varies between states but typically involves paying registration fees and submitting a form that includes the name of the business and details about the organization.

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Each state has different requirements for business licensing, with some including multiple kinds of licenses depending on the nature of the business. Check with the local Small Business Administration office to find out about any special requirements for the business, such as permits for handling animals. If the state does not have any separate requirements for a dog walking business, or if it does not require a business licenses at all, the owner must still register with the state's tax board in order to pay the appropriate taxes.

Begin by determining the business type for the company, such as a sole proprietorship. If employing others, it may be necessary to incorporate as a separate entity to comply with other labor laws. The registration process may require submitting additional documents about the business, such as articles of incorporation, as well as paying a fee for obtaining the tax number.

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