How Do You Become a Licensed Dog Breeder?

Before becoming a breeder, a person should contact the AKC to verify the necessary paperwork is in order and understand how to register a litter. Once the proper steps are taken, the person will become a registered dog breeder with the American Kennel Club.

Responsible dog breeders always try to improve the breed with every litter produced. They spend countless hours researching breed standards, health issues, temperament and appearance. To learn all they can about their chosen breeds, many people attend dog shows, dog clubs, obedience trials and other dog-related events. They immerse themselves in books and magazines and talk to owners of the specific breed.

Once a dame and sire have been acquired, proper and frequent health checks help to ensure the puppies will be as healthy as possible. This requires screenings for possible genetic issues and regular exercise, training and good nutrition. A possible breeder should be familiar with how to take care of a pregnant dog and the puppies once they are born.

The puppies will need a proper nursery, and a whelping box is a necessity for a healthy litter. Prospective breeders should prepare themselves for the possibility of problems arising during and after the pregnancy.