How Do You Become a Librarian?


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To become a librarian, you must complete a master's degree in library science. Degree coursework includes online and offline research methods, how to select and organize library materials, and how to create library reference systems.

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  1. Complete the educational requirements necessary to become a librarian

    Master's of library science programs require students to complete a bachelor's degree in fields such as law, pre-med, English, journalism, computer science or secondary education prior to enrollment. Select a library science program accredited by the American Library Association to increase your chances of finding employment after graduation.

  2. Determine the type of library in which you want to work

    University, public school or reference libraries typically require you to have specialized knowledge or experience in teaching or in researching specific topics. Determine which type of library you want to work for, and then complete the necessary educational requirements to find employment. For example, public school libraries typically require librarians to earn teaching certificates, while law or medical libraries require librarians to have law or medical degrees or experience in researching topics in these fields.

  3. Obtain state librarian certifications

    Some states require librarians to earn additional certifications to work in public libraries. Contact your state's licensing board or department of education office to determine if you need additional any certifications.

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