How Do You Become a Leasing Agent and What Is the Salary? states that according to the National Apartment Association, a high school diploma may be sufficient for a person to qualify as a leasing agent. The median annual pay for a leasing consultant in the United States is $27,722, indicates. Salary ranges depend on factors such as the industry, company size, years of experience, location and level of education. Each state has its own salary range.

Some companies may require leasing agents to hold at least a bachelor's degree, especially for agents handling contracts and finances, according to the Houston Chronicle. A degree is typically required for a person without any previous work experience, while work experience in management, sales or real estate is usually preferred but not mandatory. Being a natural salesperson may go a long way in ensuring a leasing agent's success in the industry. Having a professional certification from a real estate association indicates professionalism and competence, and some employers may require agents to have such certification prior to application. Other employers may require new hires to take formal training and certification, which are available through real estate associations such as the National Association of Realtors. Agents who are involved in buying and selling real estate properties are required to have a real estate license.