How Do You Become a Land Surveyor?

How Do You Become a Land Surveyor?

A land surveyor generally needs a bachelor's degree and obtain a license. Surveyors also need certain professional abilities, such as superb visualization, communication and effective time management skills.

  1. Earn a degree

    Surveyor-specific bachelor's degree programs are available, but many aspiring surveyors earn degrees in related fields like civil engineering or forestry. Several states require surveyors to have a degree from a program recognized by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology. In certain states, an associate degree is accepted for state licensing, when combined with two years of supervised work experience. A few states accept many years of supervised work experience in lieu of a degree.

  2. Complete additional licensing requirements

    Even with a bachelor's degree, several states require at least two years of supervised experience with a licensed surveyor before a license is granted. Candidates must also pass two tests related to the fundamentals and principles of land surveying.

  3. Develop important surveying skills

    Through education and hands-on training, an aspiring surveyor must build the technical skills necessary in order to effectively use the equipment and technology essential for the job. Land surveyors also need a core set of soft skills, such as excellent communication skills, physical stamina, time management skills, good problem-solving abilities and visualization skills.