How Do You Become a Lacrosse Goalie?

How Do You Become a Lacrosse Goalie?

To become a lacrosse goalie, get the proper equipment and try out for a club or school team. Practice proper techniques and saves for each shot on the "shot menu," and perform drills.

Coaches for a school or club team may or may not have to cut players. Pay attention during instructions, and give your best effort the entire time during tryouts. Keep a positive attitude, communicate with your team mates, and play to highlight your skills while helping the team.

Proper equipment is necessary for protection. Get a high-quality helmet and a neck guard to guard against concussions and neck injuries. Other important gear includes a cup, shin guards, a chest protector, body padding and gloves.

Practice making saves in front of a goal. The "shot menu" is the seven most common shot locations, and a goalie should practice defending each shot. The first six shots are low height, hip height and high height shots on both the stick side and off-stick side of the goal. The final shot is the bounce shot, which can be the most difficult to defend.

The "YES" drill is a drill that teaches goalies focus and reaction. Stand in front of the goal and imagine there is a wall of glass 3 feet in front of you. When your partner shoots at you, say "yes" as the ball reaches that imaginary wall, then attempt to defend the shot.