How Do You Become a Kindergarten Teacher?


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To become a kindergarten teacher, one must earn a bachelor's degree in Elementary Education, complete student-teacher requirements and earn a teaching license. It is also vital to spend time learning how to interact with young children.

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  1. Gain experience working with young children

    Teaching 5- and 6-year-old kids requires a lot of patience and energy. The best way to gauge interest in teaching is to spend time with kids of that age. Spend time working or volunteering at a local day care or kindergarten classroom.

  2. Earn a bachelor's degree

    All public schools require teachers to have at least a bachelor's degree. Elementary education, early childhood education and early childhood development are common degrees for kindergarten teachers. Such degrees typically take four years to complete, including student teaching.

  3. Complete student teaching requirements

    Student teaching is typically a necessity to earning a bachelor's degree in elementary education or similar field. Each university or college has its own specific student teaching requirements that range from one to two semesters of in-classroom experience.

  4. Get a teaching certificate

    Before getting a teaching position, one much earn certification in the state she plans to teach. Although state requirements vary, most require a bachelor's degree, passing a series of basic certification exams and a clean criminal record. Unlike public schools, private schools do not always require a teaching certificate.

  5. Apply to teaching jobs

    Watch your local school districts' websites for kindergarten openings and apply. Kindergarten job openings can also be found on a variety of national job search websites.

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