How Do You Become a Juice Plus+ Distributor?

To become a Juice Plus+ distributor, you must first become a Juice Plus+ Preferred Customer by signing up at the company website and acquainting yourself with their products. After this, submit an application by informing your Juice Plus+ representative of your intent and paying a $50 application fee. Follow the system and attend the training sessions.

  1. Become a Juice Plus+ Preferred Customer

    Go to the JuicePlus website, and sign up to be a Preferred Customer. Learn all about the variety and quality of the company's products, and experience each product's benefits to familiarize yourself with what you plan sell.

  2. Submit your application

    Let your dedicated Juice Plus+ representative know of your intention of becoming a Juice Plus+ representative. Pay a $50 application fee. Your representative is the one responsible for providing detailed information regarding your application and submitting your application to the system.

  3. Follow the required training processes

    There are required training materials and on-site training sessions for Juice Plus+ representatives. These provide knowledge and business insight for the distributors-in-training. Complete all the materials, and attend all the sessions to fulfill the administrative requirements and obtain a Juice Plus+ distributor account.

  4. Set up your business

    Use your distributor account to place orders and receive payments.