How Do You Become a Journeyman Electrician?

Become a journeyman electrician by first joining a journeyman apprenticeship program. Next, take an electrician licensing exam, and pay the licensing fees to become a recognized journeyman electrician.

  1. Join an apprenticeship program

    Begin an apprenticeship program with a trade or technical school, union, or local electrician guild. The program takes two years to complete.

  2. Fulfill the program's requirements

    The apprenticeship program involves acquiring valuable skills and know-how by assisting more experienced contractors at work sites. You will also be instructed on electrical practices and theory in a classroom setting. A good grasp of math and algebra is important, as electrical work involves using a variety of calculations.

  3. Take the exam

    Take the licensing exam for electricians after successfully completing the apprenticeship program. The exam tests your ability to perform electrical tasks and your knowledge of the relevant regulations and laws governing electrical work. Pass the exam, and pay the required fees to become a licensed journeyman electrician.

  4. Continue with training and education

    Most states require electricians to take continuing education courses after obtaining a license. Attend courses and seminars to learn about changing regulations, practices and rules for electricians.

  5. Become a master electrician

    Become a master electrician by completing a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering. A journeyman electrician with seven years of electrical experience is also eligible to become a master electrician.