How Do You Become an Insurance Claims Adjuster?

How Do You Become an Insurance Claims Adjuster?

How Do You Become an Insurance Claims Adjuster?

Some states require certification or licensing to become an insurance claims adjuster. In addition, the completion of continuing education courses may be necessary to maintain a license. Many insurance companies require adjusters to have completed some college coursework in business, finance, legal or medical fields to handle certain types of claims.

  1. Contact state agencies for licensing requirements

    Contact the Secretary of State's Office or the state department of insurance to determine if certification or licensing is required to become an insurance claims adjuster. Complete the necessary training to earn a license. Some states allow insurance company employees to work as claims adjusters if the company itself maintains a license.

  2. Find work as an entry-level claims adjuster

    Most insurance companies hire new adjusters to work on smaller claims to gain experience. During this time, new adjusters learn how to work with a variety of people, how to fill out forms, how to conduct claims interviews and how to determine the monetary value of claims.

  3. Complete continuing education coursework

    Complete continuing education coursework to maintain state licensing requirements or take continuing education courses to advance within a company. Prepare to work on more complex cases by specializing in specific areas such as medial or legal claims adjusting. Gain knowledge of medical and legal terminology, processes and procedures to prove expertise in certain areas.