How Do You Become an Insurance Agent?

become-insurance-agent Credit: Ariel Skelley/Blend Images/Getty Images

To become an insurance agent, an individual needs to have either a high school diploma or bachelor's degree, complete on-the-job training and earn licensure in the state in which he works. An agent also might choose to earn certification for a specific type of insurance specialty.

  1. Earn a high school diploma or bachelor's degree

    Insurance agents who choose to complete higher education courses usually focus on public speaking, economics, finance and business.

  2. Complete on-the-job training

    Insurance agents completing training usually shadow more experienced agents while learning about how a company works and how to properly deal with clients. Agents are often required to complete professional continuing education courses in order to remain current on financial products, tax laws, regulations and government benefits programs.

  3. Earn state licensure

    To earn a license, an agent must successfully pass state exams and complete specific courses. In order for a license to remain current, agents are required to complete continuing education courses. Besides obtaining a state license, an insurance agent may need an additional license if he sells property and casualty insurance or life and health insurance.

  4. Earn certification

    While not required, earning certification in an insurance speciality is beneficial during a job search and can count as a continuing education credit.