How Do You Become an Insurance Adjuster?


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The most basic requirement for working as an insurance adjuster is a high school diploma, but certain industries may require some knowledge or formal training related to the industry. For investigative work, law enforcement experience also helps, as interview and interrogation skills apply to the job.

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  1. Obtain the relevant education

    A high school diploma is sometimes enough to work as an entry-level claims adjuster. However, preference may be given to applicants who have an insurance-related bachelor's degree or related vocational training (such as auto body work for an auto insurance company).

  2. Obtain any necessary licenses, certifications or registrations

    Requirements vary widely by state. Some states require completion of a pre-licensing program or passing a licensing exam. In some states, insurance companies are covered by a blanket license, which means that individual workers don't need to obtain their own license. You need to check the regulations for your individual state to see what you need and if it's something that can be completed at the employer's expense after being hired.

  3. Complete on-the-job training

    On-the-job training is usually not required by law, but it is common practice for most insurance companies. This period usually lasts for several months and involves working under the direct supervision of an experienced adjuster.

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