How Do You Become an Independent Courier?


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Becoming an independent courier involves choosing the type of items to transport, obtaining transportation vehicles, legalizing the business and insuring the business. It also involves employing or hiring trustworthy drivers, and advertising the business to potential service buyers. Be sure to have enough capital before attempting to set up this business.

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When making a decision on the nature of items to transport, it is advisable to choose items that other couriers do not transport to enhance the chances of getting customers. The type of items may determine the type of equipment that you need. For instance, transporting perishable goods such as fruits and vegetables requires a refrigerator. Obtaining the vehicles for transportation of the items may involve renting or buying, and the number of the vehicles may depend on the volume of the business. However, it is advisable to begin with one or a few vehicles, and increase the number as the business grows.

Legalizing courier business involves applying for necessary licenses and permits. Some of the licenses for courier business may include occupational license, driver's license and courier license. Be sure to enquire from relevant offices in your state about the necessary licenses and permits for the business before the application. Insuring the business helps to compensate for any losses that the business may incur during its operation. Appropriate insurance plans for courier businesses include occupational insurance and personal liability vehicle insurance.

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