How Do You Become an Independent Contractor?

To become an independent contractor, obtain a business name to serve your clients as an entity. Fulfill the necessary legal and financial requirements, and pay all required fees. After completing all the paperwork and obtaining the business license, look for clients.

  1. Choose a business name

    Choose a business name that represents your services and your official entity. For legal and taxation purposes, register the name with the local authorities. Coming up with a catchy, professional alias helps build client confidence even before you do business.

  2. Register and pay all fees

    People tend to work with contractors who are properly registered with local authorities and associations. Get your business registered through proper channels so that tax requirements can be fulfilled. If your services require a special license or liability insurance, apply for those as well. If your services are termed to be taxable by the local or federal authorities, file and pay quarterly tax statements as required by law. Be sure to look into regulations regarding employee tax benefits.

  3. Seek and inform clients

    To get clients, market your services and business name. Ensure that clients list you as an independent contractor when you fill out paperwork for business transactions. Go through all the contractual details with them before you sign deals or contracts.