How Do You Become a House Sitter?

Become a house sitter by building up experience and references and then finding jobs through professional house sitter sites such as,, and These sites allow users to find house sitting opportunities all over the world.

Before signing up for professional house sitting sites, it’s useful to build up some experience and potential references. These sites allow users to compete for different jobs, and more experienced candidates are much more likely find work. House sitting for friends or coworkers can be a useful way to build up experience and references. If this isn’t possible, references from landlords, bosses or anyone else who can speak to character and responsibility are another option.

Most professional house sitting websites require annual membership fees, but the wealth of available jobs is worth the price for serious users. All sites require users to create profiles indicating basic information and interests, so creating a good profile is vital to obtain work. A strong, concise profile should include basic information on experience, special skills and pet care, as most house sitting jobs require some sort of animal care. When competing for house sitting jobs, it pays to be both fast and flexible. Users who respond to postings as quickly as possible and are available over a wide range of dates are more likely to be hired.