How Do You Become a Hotel Inspector?

How Do You Become a Hotel Inspector?

To become a hotel inspector, obtain a bachelor's degree, create an AAA online profile, search for hotel inspector jobs, apply for work and secure an interview. Be sure to carry relevant work samples to the interview.

  1. Earn a bachelor's degree

    Attend an accredited university or college, and earn a bachelor's degree. Work, volunteer or intern in the travel or hospitality industry to increase your chances of becoming a hotel inspector.

  2. Create an AAA online profile

    Visit the AAA careers page to create your online profile. Provide the required information, such as work history and education.

  3. Search for hotel inspector jobs

    Use the AAA jobs database to find available jobs. Read the job descriptions, and craft your resume to meet the job requirements. Include details of your education and management experience in your resume.

  4. Apply for work

    Apply for available positions by submitting your resume. Fill out your application in full to be considered for a job. Wait for a confirmation email once the application has been completed and submitted.

  5. Secure an interview

    Wait for a call from a hiring manager to schedule an interview. Prepare for the interview, and carry work samples such as print-outs of blogs, websites and other travel-oriented publications.