What Does It Take to Become the Hospital's Top Neurologist?

become-hospital-s-top-neurologist Credit: Chris Ryan/Caiaimage/Getty Images

Five qualities that are imperative to possess in order to become a hospital's top neurosurgeon include phenomenal bedside care, diligence, openness, balance and exceptional training, states Becker's Hospital Review. Diagnostic, communication, research and memory skills are necessary aptitudes to have, according to the Houston Chronicle.

Given the many hours often spent patiently observing someone's brain activity, combined with the natural fear most patients and their families experience when dealing with neurological concerns, bedside manner is crucial, Becker's Hospital Review explains. Being a neurologist entails tremendous time doing little more than monitoring; as such, a good neurologist must have the stamina and diligence to see a case through to the end of care. Frequently, the position influences the outcome of a person's life. A strong neurologist must be willing to drop everything and dedicate herself to helping a patient survive.

Incorporating neuroradiology is integral to the success of a top neurologist, notes Becker's Hospital Review. With the advent of improved CT, MRI and PET scans, diagnosis and treatment of some neurological disorders has significantly evolved. A highly regarded neurologist must be willing and able to incorporate these tools for patient health and hospital revenue.

An exceptional neurologist should also balance workflow, Becker's Hospital Review mentions. While bedside manner is very important, so is profit. With the fee schedule in mind, a balance must be found between spending time with one patient and tending to other patients and tasks. Quality training is imperative so that doctors stay aware of the latest diagnoses and treatments.